Low Smoke, Fire Survival Cables Suppliers & Manufacturers In India

These cables offer the advantages of an armoured 600/1000V rated, 0 halogen, Low Smoke Cables In India with circuit integrity. Need of making sure secure operation of essential circuits is crucial in today’s installations. Normal cables used in such installations render useless in fire incidences.

Low Smoke Cables In India

At Suraj Cables, your protection is our concern. These cables – also called CIRCUIT INTEGRITY CABLES are designed to maintain the excessive temperatures for a defined minimum duration of time under direct fireplace. Fire Survival Cable In India is useful to preserve their integrity at some point of the defined duration of fire. The construction of these cables is exceptional if compared with everyday cables.

The Fire Survival Cable Manufacturers In India with a in particular designed heat barrier and hearth-resistant insulation which resists the fireplace to attain conductor floor. The cable continues to stay into operation at high temperatures like 650°C, 750°C and 950°C as per various situations of operation and applications. Wires offering same properties are also to be had.

These Low Smoke Cables Suppliers In India and tested in accordance with BS 7846, IS 7098(P-1), IEC 69331 and BS 6387 for required temperatures and duration – depending upon the utility of cable and site conditions.


SURAJ CABLES Fire Survival Cables Suppliers In India with the subsequent materials.

Annealed Plain Copper Conductor
Heat Barrier Over the Conductor
Cross Linked Polyethylene
Galvanised Steel Armour
Zero Halogen & Low Smoke Compound

The ZHLS compound ascertains the least smoke and for this reason increased light transmission at some point of burning of cables. The circuit integrity of SC FS cables at excessive temperatures stays unaltered for the required term as in step with the specification described. Best Low Smoke Cables Manufacturers In India.

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